About Free-2b and our vanlife mission

We envision a world made better by travel experiences. We think, staying close with nature makes people more aware of our beautiful world. Free-2b Users have the possibility to share their experiences and spots they discovered on their road trips.

Find campsites quickly

With Free-2b you can find places to stay overnight without spending hours for searching a good spot.

Meet other vanlife people

You will make new friends through Free-2b but also on the road. Stay in touch with them.

Be a part of the Free-2b idea

Add new spots, upload pictures, comment on spots, make friends and help us to improve.

Free-2b - Our Story and Mission

The idea of Free-2b started after a road trip with friends. We spent a lot of time searching for a good place to stay overnight. Once we found such a spot, we needed to share it with other road trippers we met. The idea of sharing stories and places was born, Free-2b was born. It's amazing how many beautiful places are out there.

"We want to create a platform for road travelers and give everyone the possibility to travel."